Ballots will go out with the dues renewals in June 2015. Voting on these changes will close on September 1, 2015. Be sure to vote, return your ballot with your membership renewal.

Minor revisions of the Bylaws proposed to the members for adoption

By the Board of Directors on March 27, 2015

Replace the existing Section 8.3 with the following

Section 8.3 Executive Board

(a)   The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-president, Secretary-Treasurer, the six members of the Board of Directors, and the immediate past-President. The Board shall have full power to manage the business and affairs of the Society except as otherwise provided in these By- Laws.

(b)   The day in, day out Society operations and decisions of minor importance will be handled by the Society’s upper management consisting of the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

(c) The Board shall prescribe the amount of the official bonds, if any, to be executed by officers and may require bonds to be given and prescribe the amounts thereof, in case of any other office.

 (d) The Board may be called upon by the President, or by any three members of the Board, for the general transaction of business, or for the consideration of such special matters as may be specified in the call for consideration.

(e) The Executive Board shall have authority to define by general resolution that conduct unbecoming a member which shall be the basis for disciplinary action under Section 3.9 and 3.10.

 (f) The Executive Board shall keep an accurate, complete, and permanent record of all its proceedings, which shall be permanently filed with the Executive Secretary.

Rewording of the text to clearly define the status of the six elected Board of Directors and to better define the duties of the upper management,\

Add to the end of current text of Section 8.2

In the event that nominations have not been received by March 7 of the election year to offer at least one set of candidates for the office of President and Vice President, term limits are waved for those offices in that election.

Add to the end of current text of Section 12.2

In the event that nominations have not been received by March 7 of the election year to offer at least one candidate for all of open Director positions, term limits are waved for those offices in that election. In recognition of their service to the Society, past Presidents may run for the Board of Directors at any time, all term limits are waved.

These would help prevent lack of candidates and correct inconsistences of past President’s status.

Add to the end of current text of Section 14.4

Advertisements by Candidates are encouraged and permitted in the Specialist under the following conditions:  The advertisement will be charged one half of the normal advertising fee for the requested space, however full payment must accompany the submitted ad copy.  If payment does not accompany the copy, the ad will not be published.

All Candidate advertisements will appear on right hand pages of the Specialist for maximum exposure and as close to the front of the publication as possible.  In the event of contested positions, the order of appearance will be randomly selected by the Editor.

This would make candidate’s advertising officially acceptable, define fees, assure payment and eliminate any possible candidate bias in ad placements.

Replace Section 14.6 with the following

Section 14.6 General Procedures

An official Ballot shall be prepared by the Society’s Secretary containing all nominations and must include spaces indicating a choice opposite each name. No other ballot shall be valid. An official ballot shall be mailed to each member, either separately or included with the Specialist mailing and include a separate return envelope, with external removable membership verification.  These shall be mailed or otherwise supplied to all members no less than 60 days prior to the election and returned to the Society’s Secretary on or before the third day of September in the election year.  In the event that there is a contested election for the office of Secretary, the ballots must be returned to a non-involved member appointed by the President.

Renumber Section 14.9 to be Section 14.7

Replace Section 14.10 and renumber as follows

Section 14.8 Certification of Election

The Secretary or in the case of a contested Secretary’s position, the person appointed by the President, shall certify the election results and report them to the President and Board of Directors.  The Editor shall publish the election results in the September issue of that election year.

Renumber Section 14.11 to be Section 14.9

Elimination of the requirement that a “secret Ballot” be signed by the voter, reverting to the previous (pre 2013 election) sealed envelope with a tear off flap containing the membership information.  The need for an additional “committee” to count the ballots is eliminated except in the case of a contested Secretary’s election.