E02.01 Danzig: Geschichte und Philatelie by A. Pade, Collector Club Philatelist.
E02.02 Freimarkenheftchen der Freien Stadt Danzig by H. Laskowski, 1972.
E02.03 The Free City of Danzig, The Political Status and Economic Importance of the Free City of Danzig by H. Martin, 1926. (Reprint)

Sonder und Webestempel 1904-1945 Danzig by W. Rittmeister, 1987, 48p.

E02.05 Flugpost von und nach Danzig by C. Michaelis, 52 pp. English translation.
E02.06 Danzig-Die Schragdrucke und ihre Falschungen, Infla Bucherei #3, 1960, 29p.
E02.07 Flugpost von und nach Danzig, Teil 1, by C. Michaelis, 1974, 51p. (In German)
E02.08 Flugpost von und nach Danzig, Teil 2, by C. Michaelis, 1974, 36p. (In German)
E02.09 Kleines Handbuch Der Ganzsachen von Danzig und des polnischen Postamts Danzig by C. Michaelis.
E02.10 A series of photos entitled: “The German Invasion of Poland - 1939 / The landing at the Westerplatte” - with German and English text.
E02.11 Danzig Landmarks by E. G. Solit. Vol A. Color copies of postcards from Danzig
E02.12 Danzig Landmarks by E. G. Solit. Vol B. Color copies of postcards from Danzig
E02.13 Danzig Landmarks by E. G. Solit. Vol C. Color copies of postcards from Danzig
E02.14 Die Danziger FELDPOST - dzg-stempel by K. Böhm, 44p.
E02.15 Danzig Stempelkatalog Band 1: Aufgabestempel by K. Wolff, 1993, 403p.
E02.16 Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community, 1980, 112p.
E02.17 Danziger Hauskalender 1997
E02.18 Guide to the Museums of the Gdañsk area 1977.
E02.19 Postal Cover Markings from the Danzig Report.
E02.20 Danzig - Postal History until 1920 by J. Whiteside.
E02.21 Luposta 1932, H. Menke (editor of English translation), 52p.
E02.22 History of Danzig’s Mail and PostalCancellations.
E02.23 Danzig Stamp Dealers (probably out of date)
E02.24 Heinrich Köhler Aktion - Danzig - Die Bernard A. Hennig Sammlung, Teil I & II
E02.25 Songs of Danzig ( with limited English translation).
E02.26 List of Danzig Books accumulated by E.G. Solit.
E02.27 Danzig Place Names.
E02.28 Danzig - Travel information.
. The following books are in Polish ( E02.29 - E02.35)
E02.29 GDAÑSK Byl Sobie, pictorial book, 1997, 240p.
E02.30 Gdañsk na Starej Posztonec (old postcards of Danzig), 1997, 107p.
E02.31 GDAÑSK - Golden Book of Cultural Treasures, 104p.
E02.32 SOPOT (pictorial), 1993, 62p.
E02.33 Obroñcon Pocty Polskies w GDAÑSKU, 1992, 72p.
E02.34 Stemple I Pieczêcie Polskich Vrzêdõw Pocztowych w Wolnym Miescie GDAÑSKU 1920-1939 (cancels), 1992, 98p.
E02.35 Ptzewodnik postaryn Gdañsku ( Information on the city), 1991. 99p.
E02.36 Gilroy’s Histories - Danzig information accumulated by E. G. Solit.
E02.37 Danzig Landmarks information accumulated by E. G. Solit.
E02.38 Cancellations of DANZIG, Arge Danzig, 83p.
E02.39 Katalog der Stempelmarken von Deutschland by Erler & Norton, 1980, 72p. / Danzig Revenue Stamps: 1875-1926, An update by Giles du Boulay, 31p.
. .
. NEW - VIDEOS OF DANZIG - write first for postage fee
E02.01V GDANSK since 1920: archival and contemporary films.
E02.02V Das Schloss Marienburg in Malbork.
E02.03V September 1939: Superb documentary of the Polish Blitzkrieg and the start of WWII.


DANZIG Clippings

E02.500CL Danzig nach 1939 by R. Glimm and K. Appel, clipping from Der Sammlerdienst, June 1967
E02.501CL Die Vor und Mitlaufer von Danzig by Dr. P. Glimm, clipping from Bundesnachrichten BDP, Jul. 1968.
E02.502CL Danzig, Essays and Proofs of the 1924 Air post Issue by B. Hennig, clipping 7p.
E02.503CL Danzig-Abschiedausgabe 1939 by K. Kniep, clipping from Michel Rundschau, 1/1980, 2p.
E02.504CL Plate Varieties of Danzig’s First Air Mail Issue by J. Bloecher, clipping from the GPS Specialist, 4p.
E02.505CL Poland, Scott No. 21 by S. Kronenberg, clipping from The American Philatelist, Oct. 1982, 3p.
E02.506CL Zusammenfassung aller bisher bekannlgewordenen gefalscht Stempel auf Danzig Marken by W. Rittmeister, clipping.
E02.507CL Die Einkreisstempel von Danzig nach Ausgabe der ersten deutschen Marken 1872 by Dt. P. Glimm, clipping, p. 4.
E02.508CL Danzig - The Early Postage Due Stamps by B. Hennig, clipping 8p.
E02.509CL Serrane Guide: Danzig, clipping from The American Philatelist, April 1989, p. 325
E02.510CL Postal Rates on Zeppelin Flight Accptances: 1924-1938 by Giles du Boulay
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