P01.01 Germany's 1889-1900 Crown & Eagle Issue (A prize-winning stamp exhibit), 128 p. Some color pages.
P01.02 Pages from an Extensive Propaganda Forgery Collection, 95p.
P01.03 Introduction to My Building Series Exhibit, C. Whitsel, 1992, 82p.
P01.04 General Government-Special Cancellations of the Third Reich used in Occupied Poland. An award winning exhibit from Dr. Gary Keins.
P01.05 Horst Nobbe’s 1987 CAPEX Exhibit of the 1948 Building Series with translation and comments by C. Whitsel and A. Torres, 80p.
P01.06 Political, Geographical and Postal History of the Bizone/F.G.R. after the currency Reform of 1948. Monograph to the slide program presented at Germania Posta XII in Norwich, England, September 6, 1991 with illustrations by W. K. Meier.
P01.07 Propaganda and Espionage of World War II by Anon.
P01.08 West German Building Series 1948-1953 by Anon
P01.09 As P01.01, but only black/white pages.