E07.01 Briefmarken Spezial-Prospeckt des Abstimmungsgebietes Schleswig by H. Andersen, 40p.
E07.02 Neues Handbuch Der Freimarkenkunde, Heft 8, Nord-Schleswig, (Plebiscite 1920), 55p.
E07.03 Katalog og Prisliste, Plebiscit Slesvig, 1 Zone by R. Bechsgaard. (In Dutch)
E07.04 60 Jahre Plebiscit Slesvig 1920-1980, by H. Lutz, Doe Plattenfehler des Abstimmungsgebiets Nordschleswig + Briefmarken Spezial-Prospekt des Abstimmungsgebiets Schleswig + other Odds and Ends. In loose leaf binder.



E07.500CL The Schleswig Plebiscite era by F. Corel, clipping from The American Philatelist, March 1994, 14 p. Includes German and Danish postal rates.
E07.501CL The Schleswig Plebiscite Issues by H. L. Halle, clipping from GPS Specialist, Dec. 1981, 10p
E07.502CL The Schlevig Plebiscite Stamps by A. Pade, clipping from the Collectors Club Philatelist.
E07.503CL Stamps as Pawns in a Historic Game by H. Nehm, clipping from PFC-Journalen, Danish Post Office, May 1990.