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G06.04 Die Besonderheiten der Bautenserie und ihre Bedeutung für den Machweis von Zahnungsfalschungen by H. Lutz.
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G06.08 The Definitive Postal Stationery of the German Bizone - 1945-46, 21p.
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G06.11 Bautenserie 1948 Spezialkatalog by H. Wittmann, 1960, 56p.
G06.12 Military Government of Germany, Monthly Report of the Military Governors, U.S. Zone, August 1945 through November 1946. [Note: large file requires a $6.00 borrowing fee.]
G06.13 Deutsche Zwangszuschlags Marken 1948-1954 by H. Rose und R, Gafarin, 1964, 29 p. The 2 pfg. tax stamp.
G06.14 Alliierte Militär-Post Deutschland: Übersichet und Preisliste by J. Klinch.
G06.15 U.S. Military Government in Germany: Policy and Functioning in Industry by H. G. Schmidt, 50p.
G06.16 Deutsche Notfrankaturen 1945-45 by. M. v.d. Wulbecke, 37p.
G06.17 Introduction to My Building Series Exhibit by C. Whitsel, 1992, 82p.
G06.18 Political, Geographical and Postal History Specialities of the Bizone-Federal Republic After the Currency Reform of 1948. A monograph to the slide show held at Germania Posta XII in Norwich, England by W.K. Meier, 1991, 30 p. For the 1948 Building Series postal rate collectors.
G06.19 Universal Post in June and August 1948 Issues by E. Haide. AM Posts information on plate varieties and numbers.
G06.20 US Military Government Structure in Germany 1945-1948.
G06.21 Ein Handbuch über die Postwertzeichen der ersten Dauerserie der DeutscheBundesrepublik, 1st issue: April 1961. Series: 1-76; missing: 8-12, 15-16, 22-23, 25-29, 31-33, 35, 41, 46-47, 49-51, 54-56, 61-63, 65, 68 and 71.
G06.22 Building Series - enlargements - large binder
G06.23 AM POST - Spezialkatalog by Drossard and Kalweit
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G06.25 English translation of the first supplement to ArGe Buildings Catalog 1948, 1993.
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BIZONE Clippings

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G06.502CL Miscellaneous clippings on AMG Issues.
G06.503CL Police Corier Mail in the British Occupation Zone of Germany by E. Dittrich, clipping from Germania, 7p.
G06.504CL Printing of the A.M.G. Stamps by R. Griffin, clipping from GPS Specialist, Oct. 1985, 8p.
G06.505CL Wie kamen sie zustande, die auf zehnfache Gebuhren hohe eingestellen 10.7.1948? By W. Pelikan, clipping from Philatelie, Oct. 1994, 3 pp. Use of postal meters at 1/10th face in West Berlin between June 25 and July 10, 1948.
G06.506CL The Amgot Issues by W. Payne, clipping from Germania, Feb. 1981, 6p.
G06.507CL Postwar Postal History of Germany Under American Occupation by H.L.Halle, clippings from the GPS Specialist, 1986-89.
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G06.509CL Reconstruction of the Post in Germany, 1945-1946 by. H. Schulz, clipping from GPS Specialist, Dec. 1950, 2p.
G06.510CL Deutschland: A(llied) M(ilitary)-Post-Ausgabe für amerikanische und britische Zone by O. Thobe, clipping, 4p.
G06.511CL The Allied Military Government Stamps and Postal History of the American and British Zones of Occupation by H. Peter, clipping, 10p.
G06.512CL The Printing Dates and Card Size Type Fonts of the AMG Cards of the American Zone, Bavarian Definitive Issue by K. Koenig, clipping, 4p.
G06.513CL AM Post: Allied Military Government Stamps of Germany, clipping, 1p.
G06.514CL AMG by R. Wagner, clipping, 2p.
G06.515CL German Issues of the Period Just After the War by E. Haide, clipping from Stamps, July 18, 1953, 2 p.
G06.516CL Current Highlights: AMG Zones, clipping from Communications, Sept. 1946, 9p.
G06.517CL Military Government-Germany - Laws of new postal services in Bi-Zone area.
G06.518CL Germany - American + British Zone: various reprints from the GPS Forgery Manual.
G06.519CL More Concerning Issues fro A.M.G. and Other Military Governments, by F.E. Sellmansberger, clipping from The American Philatelist, date: unknown.