. We have many publication from the various GPS Study Groups. Currently there are 14 listed on the website. An asterisk (*) will follow the name of active groups. Where there is no asterisk that group is no longer active or has not published anything in recent years. If you have any duplicate study groups and wish to donate, please contact the librarian.
M02.01 Bavaria Study Group, bulletins: 1-34. (*)
M02.02 Berlin Study Group Bulletin, 1960 Vol. 1, #1-25, Vol. 2, #26.
M02.03 Building Series (1948) Study Group, 1956 onward. (*)
M02.04 Colonies Study Group, Vorlaufer 1968 onward. (*)
M02.05 Danzig Study Group Vol.1 No. 1 March 1975 onward. (*)
M02.06 Early Empire Study Group. (*)
M02.07 G D R Study Group. (*)
M02.08 HOPs: Handoverprint Study Group (Russian Zone), 1958 onward. (*)
M02.09 Inflation Study Group, 1967 onward. (*)
M02.10 Locals 1945-1948 Study group.
M02.11 Luftpost Zeppelin Study Group, 1978 onward. (*)
M02.12 Map Study Group Bulletin, GPS, 1962 (only a few).
M02.13 Notopfer Study Group. (*)
M02.14 Plebiscites, Memel and Saar Study Group. (*)
M02.15 Postal Stationery Study Group Bulletin, GPS (only a few).
M02.16 Post War II Eastern Study Group, Vol. 1-20.
M02.17 Stadtpost Study Group, 1-77. (*)
M02.18 Third Reich Study Group, 1963 onward. (*)
M02.19 Ultraviolet Study Group, GPS 1966-1969.
M02.20 WW II Eastern Occupations Study Group. (*)
. If interested in any of the above groups periodical(s), let the librarian know and a list of the specific group we be sent to you. Details on postal fees will also be sent.