F07.01 Manual of the Independent State of Croatia, Issues 1941-1945 by Dr. A. Rommerskirchen, 107 p. (In English)
F07.02 Katalog-Cjenitz Hrvatskili Postanskili Marka 1941-1945:Croatian Catalog, 1964. (in Croat)
F07.03 As F07.02, but 1975 edition.
F07.04 Kroatian, Heft 38 (plus Heft 13: Pleskau-Ljady, Luga)
F07.05 Croatia 1941-1945 Censor Markings by P. Hughes, 2007, 41 [N]


CROATIA Clippings

F07.500CL Die Ganzsachen von Kroatian by G. Zimmer, clipping from DBZ, 3p
F07.501CL The Croatian Storm Division Issue by C. M. Adams, clipping from the Trumpeter, 1975, 5p.
F07.502CL Lokalausgaben im Kroatisch-Dalatischen Raum 1943/44 by K. Helmann; clipping from Der Sammlerdienst, March 20 and April 3. 1971.