Bohemia and Moravia

F01.01 Bohemia-Moravia-Slovakia by the Czechoslovak Philatelic Soc., 1958.
F01.02 The German Bohemia Provice by L. Kunc, clipping from the Czechoslovak Specialist No. 4/1999.
F01.03 Coded telegrams of the U.S. Army located in the Czechoslovakia in 1945, clipping from website: / Souvenur sheets issued in 1939 - 1940 to support Czechoslovak participation in EXPO in New York, 3p.
F01.04 Catalogue converter part 8 - 1939-1945 Protektorát Cechy a Morava / German Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia, clipping from the following website: Conversion table list Czech / Michel / Scott catalog numbers, 6p.
F01.05 Katalog Celistuostí 1939-1945, 1990 (In Czech) [N]
F01.06 The Mail at Theresianstadt, H. Duhnke, article from GPS Specialist, 1993, 16p. [N]


Bohemia and Moravia Clippings

F01.500CL Secret Czech Patriotic Marks on Bohemia and Moravia Stamps by Jiranek and Friedmann, clipping from Linn’s Stamp News.
F01.501CL The Defacing Overprints of May 1945 by K. Huloubek, clipping from The Czechslovak Specialist, September/October 1999, pp. 12-15.
F01.502CL Alte Postwege in Böhmen, clipping form Der Sammler-Dienst, 1969.