A01.01 Alt-Deutschland unter der Lupe by Mueller Mark, Vol.1 - BADEN.
A01.02 Old Germany under the magnifying glass by Mueller Mark, Vol. Baden - English translation of A01.1 - which you will need for illustrations.
A01.03 Handbuch der Baden Poststempel, Ganzsachen-Postscheine und Marken by S. Simon, Parts 1 to 21.
A01.04 Feldpost in Baden und Badische Feldpost in den Jahren 1800 bis 1872 by H. Jaeger.
A01.05 Feldpost in Baden und Badische Feldpost in den Jahren 1800 bis 1872 by H. Jaeger - English translation.
A01.06 Translation from Kohl’s Handbook by Dr. H. Munck, Collectors Club Philatelist, Baden 1929, 1936.
A01.07 Plate Defects on Stamps of Baden, R. Fuhrer, 1964 (English translation)
A01.08 Grosses Handbuch der Fälschungen by O.E. Stiedl and F. Billig - BADEN, 1934.
A01.09 Translation from Kohl’s Handbook by Dr. H. Munck, Collectors Club Philatelist - BADEN, 1936
A01.10 Die Briefumschlage von Baden by C. Lindenberg, 1975.
A01.11 Baden, Spezialkatalog, 1977 by P. Sem.
A01.11a Baden Spezial-Katalog 1983 by P.Sem
A01.12 Baden, by F. Melville, 59p. (In English)
A01.13 Handbuch der Baden Poststempel Ganzsachen, Post Scheine und Marken by S. Simon. A series of pamphlets published by Fritz Seifert, Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 20 and 21
A01.14 reserved
A01.14a Baden Spezialkatalog 1983, by P Sem
A01.15 Petite Etude sur les Timbres, les Précurseurs et les Entiers Postaux de Bade et leurs Oblitérations by A. Cock, 1950, 80p. (In French)
A01.16 150 Jahre Badenmarken by H. Jaeger: 60 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baden, 2001, 168p. (In German)
A01.17 Bahnpostwesen in Baden, Schriftenreihe der BarGe-Bahnpost e.V., Heft Nr. 4, 2007, 182p.
A01.19 HANDBUCH DER BADISCHEN VORPHILATELIE 1700-1851, BAND 3, by Ewald Graf, 1980, 393p.
A01.20 Die Uhrradstempel des Grossherzogsturms Baden, BAND 1, by Gerry Wal, June 1995, 69p.
A01.21 Baden-Handbuch I. Teil / Vorphilatelistische Stempel, by Siegfried Simon, 1935, 195p. (Handle with care.)
A01.22 Baden-Handbuch II. Teil / Die Abstempelungen auf und neben Briefmarken ab 1851, by Siegfried Simon, 1936, 447p. (Handle with care.)
A01.23 Die Briefumschläge der deutschen Staaten, Heft 8 Die Briefumschläge von Baden, by C. Lindenberg, 1894, 68p. (Very fragile)
A01.24 Landerkarte: Baden-Württemberg, JRO Nr. 66 map.
A01.25 HANDBUCH DER BADISCHEN VORPHILATELIE 1700-1851, BAND 1, by Ewald Graf, 1971, 379p with charts.


BADEN Clippings

A01.500CL The Stamps of Baden, by A. Odfjeil, clipping from Stamps, Aug. 17, 1940 (includes printing numbers).
A01.501CL Plattenfehler auf Marken vom Baden, by R. Fuhrer and H.A.BURG by T. Winterschied, two clippings from Der Sammler Dienst, Feb. 21, 1970, pp. 208-211.
A01.502CL Serrane Guide: Baden, clipping from The American Philatelist, October 1988, pp. 949-952
A01.503CL Baden: Forgery information, clipping from Weekly Philatelic Gossip, Oct. 17, 1931, pp. 59-63.
A01.504CL German States Number Cancellations: Baden, clipping from Stockbook, May 1993.