Starting with the first issue of the GPS Specialist, in February 1950, we have created a searchable database listing the articles, letters to the editor, questions from readers, etc. by year, by month and by page for your reference.


The database consists of 7 columns of information with the default column being "Topic". There are over 24,000 "data" rows of searchable data. Contributions from over 900 authors are included.


The default search column is Topic but you may also select Title, Year_Month_Page, SubTitle, Author, ArticleCode, or Sequence from the drop-down box below. The year, month and article page numbers have been concatenated together to save space in the database. ArticleCode is used to tie answers and questions together when someone submitted a question and was answered in another issue. Sequence number is the data row number within the database.


When searching on any column you must enter your search criteria spelled exactly as contained within the database, otherwise you will get a "Return to Form" message with zero rows of data in your search results. (The search criteria is not case-sensitive; that is, you can enter bavaria or Bavaria or BAVARIA.) If you search on any field other than "topic" you may get more than 1 row of data because topic is the key field within the database.

Click on topics to see a list of possible topics. You may cut and paste from the topic table into the search box.

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