Auction Rules



Basic GPS Mail Auction Rules

Until we have an official Auction Manger, mail your bids to immeadiate past President, Jerry Jensen (address is in the Specialist) or by email to him.

Only current GPS members may participate as either consignor (seller) or bidder (buyer).

Lots are limited to market values from $2.00 to $100.

Bid increments are $0.50 from $2 to $9.99 and $1.00 thereafter.

Any stamp offered as “used”, within the range of Michel catalog listings #105 through #337A, (basically the Inflation period) must have BPP expertizing.  Any cover dated 1919 through 1923 that is consigned with an opening bid of $20 or more must have BPP expertizing.

With the exception of donation lots, no “as is” lots, will be accepted.

No “buy” bids will be accepted.

All winning bids will be hammered at one bid increment over the second highest bid.

Auctions close on the specified date published. No bids postmarked after that date will be accepted. Winning bidders will be notified within 7 days after auction closing. Payment must be received within 21 days after auction closing. The payment deadline date will be included in the notice of winning bid(s).

Winning bidders will be invoiced for the total amount of winning bid(s) PLUS a fee for packing and shipping. Lots will be shipped by USPS First Class mail UNLESS the submitted bid form specifies a different carrier, mail class (Priority or Express), or mail service (registered, certified or insured).

Settlement to consignors will be within 45 days after the auction closing. Consignor will receive 80% of the selling price(s). Unsold lots will be returned with an invoice for packing and shipping (as specified by consignor), payable within 10 days after receipt, provided, such costs for returning unsold lots may be deducted from any amount due to consignor for lot(s) sold.

Unsold auction lots may be re-offered, once, in the next auction but only at a 10% decrease in their starting bid. Lots initially offered at the minimum of $2.00 will be returned to the owner on receipt of the return postal fees.

By either consigning to GPS for auction or bidding on any lot(s) in a GPS auction, the consignor or bidder releases GPS from any claim(s) or liability of any kind arising directly or indirectly by such participation.

(approved by vote of the Board of Directors, 6.30.15).