Application For Membership
PO Box 6547 Chesterfield, MO 63006-6547

I hereby apply for membership in the Germany Philatelic Society, Inc.. I agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Society and its charter and bylaws. With this application I enclose the amount shown in the schedule of dues. These amounts are to be refunded if my application is not accepted.

(  ) Mr. ( ) Mrs. ( ) Miss ( ) Ms.


(Last Name)		     (First Name)	           (Middle Name) 

Mailing Address________________________Date of Birth____/____/___	



Home Phone (   )_______________Business Phone (   )______________

Email Address: _________________________________________________

Occupation_______________ Name of Employer_______________________

Business Address_________________________________________________


German - Area Collecting Interests_______________________________


Have you ever been expelled from, or denied admission to any

philatelic organization?     

(  )Yes      (  ) No

If yes, provide details on a separate sheet.


Two commercial references must be furnished as to financial 

responsibility, in addition to the member who proposes you. 

Please give complete address of reference so that prompt 

processing of your application can be made. 

If you do not know a GPS Member, please leave the Proposer's 

Name blank.

Reference N°. 1 ________________________________________________


Reference N°. 2 ________________________________________________


DATE: _____________ SIGN HERE___________________________________

I  hereby recommend the applicant for membership in the Germany 

Philatelic Society, Inc.. 

I am  (am not) personally acquainted with the applicant.

Proposer' Name________________(WEB SITE) GPS No.____________

                  (Must be a GPS Member)