Topics beginning with the Letter T, U, and V


Tacoma, SS [ship] Tacoma SS
Tag der Wehrmacht Tag der Wehrmacht
Tagesschau Tagesschau
Tagging, Phosphor Phosphor Tagging
Taifun [airplane] Taifun
Tangermnde [use ""Tangermunde""] Tangermunde
Tannenberg, Battle of Battle of Tannenberg
Tarnau Tarnau
Tauchbootbrief Tauchbootbrief
Taunus 17 M, P3 [automobile] Taunus 17 M P3
Tauschkontrolstelle Tauschkontrolstelle
Tauschsendung Tauschsendung
Taxation Taxation
Taxe Percue Taxe Percue
Taylor, John John Taylor
Taylor, Lavar Lavar Taylor
Technische Nothilfe Technische Nothilfe
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
TEE [train] TEE
Teia Maru [ship] Teia Maru
Telegrams Telegrams
Telegram-Sache Telegram-Sache
Telegraph Telegraph
Telephone Telephone
Telephone Directories Telephone Directories
Television Television
Tempelhof Tempelhof
Tempelhof Air Base Tempelhof Air Base
Temperature [philatelic materials/care] Temperature
Termites Termites
Terningmoen Terningmoen
Teutoburg Forest Teutoburg Forest
Thaer, Albrecht Daniel Albrecht Daniel Thaer
Thales of Miletus Thales of Miletus
Th„lmann [use ""Thalmann""] Thalmann
Thalys Thalys
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
The Blue Flea [publication] The Blue Flea
The Breakfast Egg [cartoon] The Breakfast Egg
The Cinderella Philatelist [publication] The Cinderella Philatelist
The German Mail Post Office, Oslo, 1942-45 [publication] The German Mail Post Office Oslo 1942-45
The Guns of August [book] The Guns of August
The Postal History of the AEF, 1917-1923 [publication] The Postal History of the AEF 1917-1923
The Posthorn [publication] The Posthorn
The Stamps and Cancels of the German Colonies and German Post Offices Abroad [publication] The Stamps and Cancels of the German Colonies and German Post Offices Abroad
The Structure of the Nazi Economy [book] The Structure of the Nazi Economy
The Talking Dog [cartoon] The Talking Dog
The Time Machine [book] The Time Machine
The Wanderer Above the Fog [painting] The Wanderer Above the Fog
The World Crisis 1911-1918 The World Crisis 1911-1918
Theater Theater
Theologians Theologians
Theory of Relativity Theory of Relativity
Theresienstadt Theresienstadt
Theresienstadt Ghetto Theresienstadt Ghetto
Thiel Logistik Thiel Logistik
Thiel, Gnter [use ""Gunter""] Gunter Thiel
Thieme, Clemens Clemens Thieme
Thierichens, Capt. Max Capt. Max Thierichens
Third Army [U.S.] Third Army
Third Army Insignia Third Army Insignia
Third Army Postmarks Third Army Postmarks
Third Reich Third Reich
Third Reich Stamps Group Third Reich Stamps Group
Third Reich Study Group Third Reich Study Group
Third Reich Symbols, Defaced Third Reich Symbols Defaced
Third Reich, Items for Sale Third Reich Items for Sale
Third Reich, Symbols Third Reich Symbols
Third Silesian Uprising Third Silesian Uprising
Thirty Years War Thirty Years War
Thirty-Years War Thirty-Years War
Thirty-Year's War Thirty-Year s War
Thode, Henrick Henrick Thode
Thomanerchor Leipzig Thomanerchor Leipzig
Thompson, William William Thompson
Three Empires Corner Three Empires Corner
Three Kings Three Kings
Thrown Mail Thrown Mail
Thringen [use ""Thuringen""] Thuringen
Thuringia Thuringia
Thurn & Taxis Thurn & Taxis
Tientsin Tientsin
Tiger Lily Tiger Lily
Tin Hydroxide Tin Hydroxide
TNT Logistics TNT Logistics
Togo Togo
Tohn, Al Al Tohn
Tolerance Tolerance
T”lzer [use ""Tolzer""] Tolzer
Tom Sawyer und Huckleberry Finn Tom Sawyer und Huckleberry Finn
Tongue Lock Tongue Lock
Topography Topography
Torpedo Boats [ship] Torpedo Boats
Tourist Airmail Tourist Airmail
Touristen Touristen
Touristen Luftpost ?????? Touristen Luftpost
Touristenluftpost ?????? Touristenluftpost
Town Bundle Town Bundle
Towns Towns
Townsend, Philip Townsend Philip
Toys Toys
Track & Field track & Field
Trade Fares trade Fares
Trade Unions trade Unions
Train Mail train Mail
Train Stations train Stations
Tram Mail tram Mail
Trans-Atlantic Flights trans-Atlantic Flights
Trans-Atlantic Mail trans-Atlantic Mail
Transcaucasia transcaucasia
Trans-Europe Express [train] trans-Europe Express
Transit [marking, postmark] transit
Transit CDS [marking] transit CDS
Transit Park Collector transit Park Collector
Transit Postmark transit Postmarks
Transit Times transit Times
Transit, Hamburg-Franco [marking] transit Hamburg-Franco
Translation Error translation Error
Translators translators
Transportation transportation
Transportation Ministry transportation Ministry
Trans-Siberian Railway trans-Siberian Railway
Transylvania transylvania
Trapnell, David David trapnell
Trauerbrief trauerbrief
Trauer-Faltbrief trauer-Faltbrief
Traveling traveling
Traveling Post Office ?????? traveling Post Office
Traveling Post Office' ?????? traveling Post Office
Treasurers treasurers
Treatments [philatelic matrial] treatments
Treaty between States treaty between States
Treaty of Brest Litovsk treaty of Brest Litovsk
Treaty of Franco-German Cooperation treaty of Franco-German Cooperation
Treaty of Rome treaty of Rome
Treaty of Tilsit treaty of Tilsit
Treaty of Versailles treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Westphalia treaty of Westphalia
Treblinka treblinka
Tree Martin tree Martin
Treptow treptow
Tresor et Postes tresor et Postes
TRGS Bulletin trGS Bulletin
Triangle Flight triangle Flight
Tri-Cities Stamp Club tri-Cities Stamp Club
Trier trier
Triple Alliance triple Alliance
Triple Entente triple Entente
Truce of Compiegne truce of Compiegne
Tsingtau Tsingtau
Tsingtau, China Tsingtau China
Tube Mail Tube Mail
Tuberculosis Tuberculosis
Tuchman, Barbara Barbara Tuchman
Tulip Tulip
Turkey Turkey
Turkish Navy Turkish Navy
Two Year Plan Two Year Plan
Typed Folded Postcards Typed Folded Postcards
Typography Typography
U.S. U.S.
U.S. Air force U.S. Air force
U.S. Military Mission in Berlin U.S. Military Mission in Berlin
U.S. Navy U.S. Navy
U.S. Postmarks U.S. Postmarks
U-Boats U-Boats
Udo Udo
Ueber Sibirien Ueber Sibirien
šbergabe-Einschreiben [use ""Ubergabe-""] Ubergabe-Einschreiben
šberroller [use ""Uberroller""] Uberroller
šberroller Mailpiece [use ""Uberroller Mailpiece""] Uberroller Mailpiece
šberrollerpost [use ""Uberrollerpost""] Uberrollerpost
šbersch„r, Gerd R. [use ""Uberschar""] Gerd R. Uberschar
Ukraine Ukraine
Ulbricht Ulbricht
Ulven Ulven
Umlauts Umlauts
Underground, French French Underground
Underprinting Underprinting
Underprinting, Points Down Underprinting Points Down
Underprinting, Points Up Underprinting Points Up
Unemployment Unemployment
UNESCO, World Cultural Heritage UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
Unification Unification
Uniforms Uniforms
Union Network International Union Network International
Unissued Stamps Unissued Stamps
United Nations United Nations
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
United Stamp Company United Stamp Company
United States United States
United States Postal Service United States Postal Service
United States Route United States Route
Universal Marking Machines Universal Marking Machines
Universal Postal Congress Universal Postal Congress
Universal Postal Union Universal Postal Union
Universal Postmarking Machines Universal Machine
Universal Stamp Machine Co. Universal Stamp Machine Co.
Universities Universities
University of Heidelberg University of Heidelberg
Unteres Odertal National Park Unteres Odertal National Park
Unternehman Bernard Unternehman Bernard
Upper Silesia Upper Silesia
Upper Silesia Plebiscite Upper Silesia Plebiscite
Uprising, 17 June 1953 Uprising 17 June 1953
Urgent Cards Urgent Cards
Uruguay Uruguay
Usedom Usedom
USPS Postal Rate Increase USPS Postal Rate Increase
UV Light UV Light
V-2 Rockets V-2 Rockets
Vaguemestre Vaguemestre
Vaivara Vaivara
Valentin, Karl Karl Valentin
Valeur declaree Valeur declaree
Valuation Valuation
Valuations Valuations
Value Value
Value Changes Value Changes
Van Deventer, General Jacobus General Jacobus Van Deventer
Vater und Sohn [cartoon] Vater und Sohn (cartoon)
Vaterlandliebe Vaterlandliebe
V-E Day V-E Day
VEB Sachsenring, Trabant P50 [automobile] VEB Sachsenring trabant P50
Vending Machine Strip Vending Machine Strip
Vending Machines Vending Machines
Ventilation [philatelic materials/care] Ventilation
Verein Briefmarkenkunde Verein Briefmarkenkunde
Verein fr Briefmarkenfreunde [use ""fur""] Verein fur Briefmarkenfreunde
Verfugung Verfugung
Versailles Exchange Office Versailles Exchange Office
Versailles Treaty Versailles treaty
Versandstelle Versandstelle
Versandstelle fr Sammlermarken [use ""fur""] Versandstelle fur Sammlermarken
Vertical Bar Date Codes Vertical Bar Date Codes
Verwaltung Verwaltung
Verweigert Verweigert
Vespucci, Amerigo Amerigo Vespucci
Veternarians Veternarians
Veternary Disease Veternary Disease
Viaducts Viaducts
Vichy France Vichy France
Victoria Louise [ship] Victoria Louise
Victory Stamps Victory Stamps
Vienna Vienna
Vienna Congress of People for Peace Vienna Congress of People for Peace
View Cards [search ""Picture Postcards""] Picture Postcards
Vikings Vikings
Ville de Dakar [airplane] Ville de Dakar
Vincennes, Indiana Vincennes Indiana
Vineta Vineta
Vineta [city] Vineta
Vineta [ship] Vineta
Vineta Provisional Vineta Provisional
Virgin and Child [painting] Virgin and Child
Vistula Flotilla Vistula Flotilla
Vistula River Vistula River
V-Label V-Label
Voelkerschlachtdenkmal [use ""Volkerschlachtdenkmal""] Volkerschlachtdenkmal
Vogenbeck, Peter Peter Vogenbeck
Vogtland Vogtland
Vogtland Soviet Republic Vogtland Soviet Republic
Voice of America Voice of America
V”lkerschlachtdenkmal [use ""Volkerschlachtdenkmal""] Volkerschlachtdenkmal
Volksabstimmung Volksabstimmung
Volkschatz Volkschatz
Volksdeutsche Volksdeutsche
Volkskammer Volkskammer
Volksrat der Republik Hessen Volksrat der Republik Hessen
Volksstaat Volksstaat
Volksstaat Bayern Volksstaat Bayern
Volkssturm Volkssturm
Volkswagen [automobile] Volkswagen
Volkswagen Beetle [automobile] Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Stamps Volkswagen Stamps
Volkswagen Van [automobile] Volkswagen Van
Volkswagen, K„fer [automobile] [use ""Kafer""] Kafer Volkswagen
Volunteer [ship] Volunteer
Volunteer Fire Brigades Volunteer Fire Brigades
Volunteer Motorboat Corps Volunteer Motorboat Corps
Volunteerism Volunteerism
Vom Ausland ber... [use ""uber""] Vom Ausland uber
von Brakel, Johann I Johann von Brakel I
Vorbindezettel Vorbindezettel
Vorl„ufer [use ""Vorlaufer""] Vorlaufer
Vorl„uferpost [use Vorlaufer""] Vorlaufer
Vorpommern Vorpommern
Voss, Johann Heinrich Johann Heinrich Voss