Topics beginning with the Letter R


R Label R Label
Rabaul Rabaul
Rabbit Rabbit
Radio Broadcasting Radio Broadcasting
Radio Hamburg Radio Hamburg
Radio Permits Radio Permits
Railroad Parcel Post Stamps(book) Railroad Parcel Post Stamps(book)
Railroads Railroads
Railway Railway
Railway Cancels Railway Cancels
Railway Parcel Stamps Railway Parcel Stamps
Railway Postmarks Railway Postmarks
Railway Stamps Railway Stamps
Rainbows Rainbows
Rapp, William William Rapp
Rarities Rarities
Raschdorff, Julius [architecht] Julius Raschdorff
Rate Period Rate Period
R„te Republik Baiern [use ""Rate-""] Rate Republik Baiern
R„te-/Republic/Vogtland [use ""Rate-""] Rate-/Republic/Vogtland
Rates Rates
Rates, Eupen & Malmedy Rates Eupen & Malmedy
Rates, Parcel Rates Parcel
Rates, Postal Rates Postal
Rates, Saar Rates Saar
Rath Rath
Rathenau Assassination Rathenau Assassination
Rathenau, Walter Walter Rathenau
Rau, Johannes Johannes Rau
Ravensbrck [use ""Ravensbruck""] Ravensbruck
Ravensburg Ravensburg
Rawlings, John John Rawlings
RB Numbers RB Numbers
Reagan, President President Reagan
Receipts Receipts
Receival Receival
Receival Postmarks Receival Postmarks
Received [marking] Received
Receiving Cancels Receiving Cancels
Receiving CDS [marking] Receiving CDS
Recommande Recommande
Recommandirt Recommandirt
Red Crayon [marking] Red Crayon
Red Cross Red Cross
Red Cross Mail Red Cross Mail
Red Cross, German Red Cross German
Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross Spanish
Reder, Major Walter Major Walter Reder
Reder, Major Walter, SS (POW) Major Walter Reder SS (POW)
Reed Reed
Ref. to GPS August 2002, pg. 327 Ref. to GPS August 2000 pg. 327
Reform Theology Reform Theology
Refused Refused
Refused Mail Refused Mail
Regensburg Regensburg
Regensburg Stone Bridge Regensburg Stone Bridge
Regensburger Domspatzen Regensburger Domspatzen
Regio Escerito Regio Escerito
Regional Directorate Posts Regional Directorate Posts
Regional Postal Administration Regional Postal Administration
Registered Mail Registered Mail
Registered Mail Receipts Registered Mail Receipts
Registered Mail with Acknowledgement Registered Mail with Acknowledgement
Registered Mail Without Fee Registered Mail Without Fee
Registered Ship Mail Registered Ship Mail
Registered-COD Covers Registered-COD Covers
Registration [marking] Registration
Registration Fee Registration Fee
Registration Label Codes Registration Label Codes
Registration Labels Registration Labels
Registration Labels, Commemorative Registration Labels
Registration Labels, Emergency Registration Labels Emergency
Registration Labels, Provisional Registration Labels Provisional
Registration Machine Registration Machine
Registration Numbers Registration Numbers
Registration with Acknowledgement Registration with Acknowledgement
Registration, AR Registration AR
Registration, Foreign Registration Foreign
Registration, Sender Prepared Registration Sender Prepared
Regulations, Registered Mail Regulations Registered Mail
Reich Association of Jews in Germany Reich Association of Jews in Germany
Reich Post Reich Post
Reich Post Directorate Reich Post Directorate
Reich Representation of German Jews Reich Representation of German Jews
Reich Workplace Community for Crafts and Trade of the German Labor Front Reich Workplace Community for Crafts and trade of the German Labor Front
Reichbund Der Kriegs-u und Zivilbeschaedigten, Sozialrentner und Hinterbliebenen E.V. [publication] Reichbund Der Kriegs-u und Zivilbeschaedigten Sozialrentner und Hinterbliebenen E.V.
Reichenau Reichenau
Reichs Betriebs Reichs Betriebs
Reichs Printery Seal Reichs Printery Seal
Reichsbahn Reichsbahn
Reichsbank Reichsbank
Reichsdienstsache Reichsdienstsache
Reichsdrckerei [use ""Reichsdruckerei""] Reichsdruckerei
Reichskolonialblatt Reichskolonialblatt
Reichskolonialbund Reichskolonialbund
Reichsmark Reichsmark
Reichsmessestadt Reichsmessestadt
Reichspfennig Reichspfennig
Reichspost Reichspost
Reichspost State Secretary Reichspost State Secretary
Reichspost Workers Reichspost Workers
Reichspostamt Reichspostamt
Reichspostdirektion Reichspostdirektion
Reichspostdirektion Danzig Reichspostdirektion Danzig
Reichspostdirektion Kiel Reichspostdirektion Kiel
Reichspostministerium Reichspostministerium
Reichsstelle fr Warren [use ""fur""] Reichsstelle fur Warren
Reichssynode Reichssynode
Reimann, Claus Claus Reimann
Reklamemarken Reklamemarken
Relief Agencies Relief Agencies
Relief Agencies, Private Relief Agencies Private
Remainder Cards Remainder Cards
Rembrandt [artist] Rembrandt
Rendsberg Railway Viaduct Rendsberg Railway Viaduct
Rentenmark Rentenmark
Rentenpfennig Rentenpfennig
Repairs [philatelic materials/care] Repairs
Reparations Reparations
Reparations Commission Reparations Commission
Repatriation Repatriation
Repatriation, German Nationals Repatriation German Nationals
Repeater Repeater
Repeater Postmarking Machines Repeater Postmarking Machines
Repeater Postmarks Repeater Postmarks
Replied [marking] Replied
Reply Advisory Notice Reply Advisory Notice
Reply Cards Reply Cards
Reply Envelopes Reply Envelopes
Reply Post Cards Reply Post Cards
Reprints Reprints
Reproductions Reproductions
Residence, Federal President Residence Federal President
Resident Agent Resident Agent
Resistance, Anti-Nazi [see ""Anti-Natzis""] Resistance Anti-Nazi
Resistance, German Resistance German
Retouches Retouches
Rettet die Kinder Rettet die Kinder
Return [marking] Return
Return Inaccessible Return Inaccessible
Return Receipt Return Receipt
Return Receipt Cards Return Receipt Cards
Return/Not Permitted/American Censor Return/Not Permitted/American Censor
Return-Answer Return-Answer
Returned Mail Returned Mail
Reunification Reunification
Reuter, Fritz Reuter Fritz
Reval Reval
Revenue Stamps Revenue Stamps
Revolutions Revolutions
Revolutions, Communist Revolutions Communist
Rheinland Rheinland
Rheinland-Pfalz Rheinland-Pfalz
Rhein-Main Air Base Rhein-Main Air Base
Rhein-Main Zeppelin Mail 1912 Rhein-Main Zeppelin Mail 1912
Rheinsberg Castle Rheinsberg Castle
Rhenish Jahrtausendfeier Rhenish Jahrtausendfeier
Rhine River Rhine River
Rhine Valley Rhine Valley
Rhineland Rhineland
Rhineland Occupation Rhineland Occupation
Rhinelandbesetzung Rhinelandbesetzung
Rhoade, Phil Phil Rhoade
Rhodesia Rhodesia
Ribera, Jusepe de Jusepe de Ribera
Richter, Ingo Ingo Richter
Richtigstellung Richtigstellung
Rickmer Rickmers [ship] Rickmer Rickmers
Riemer, Karl Karl Riemer
Riesenfeld Riesenfeld
Riga Riga
Rilke, Rainer Marie Rainer Marie Rilke
Ringelnatz, Joachim [artist] Joachim Ringelnatz
Riots Riots
Ripley, David David Ripley
River Platte River Platte
Rizzi, James James Rizzi
Rjasan [ship] Rjasan
R”bling, Johann August [use ""Robling""] Johann August Robling
Roebling, Johann August [same as ""R”bling"", use ""Robling"" as above] Johann August Robling
Roepke, Dr. Wolf-Dieter [same as ""R”pke"", use ""Ropke, Wolf-Dieter"" as below] Dr. Wolf-Dieter Roepke
Rogers Rogers
Rogers, Peter Peter Rogers
Rohrpost Rohrpost
Rohrpost Cards Rohrpost Cards
Rohrpost Envelopes Rohrpost Envelopes
Rohrpost Fees Rohrpost Fees
Rohrpost/und Eilbote Rohrpost/und Eilbote
Rohrpost-Brief Rohrpost-Brief
Rohrpostkarte Rohrpostkarte
Roldan, Alfredo Alfredo Roldan
Rolf [postal mascot] Rolf
Rolled Over Mail Rolled Over Mail
Roller Cancel Roller Cancel
Rolls Royce Rolls Royce
Roman Empire Roman Empire
Romania Romania
Rome Convention Rome Convention
Roosevelt Collection Roosevelt Collection
R”pke, Dr. Wolf-Dieter [use Ropke, Dr. Wolf-Dieter] Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ropke
Rose ""Grsse"" [use ""Grusse""] Rose ""Grusse""
Roses Roses
Rosette Stamps Rosette Stamps
Rostock [ship] Rostock
Rostock, Germany Rostock Germany
Rotary Engine Rotary Engine
Rotary Press Rotary Press
Rotary Press Printing Rotary Press Printing
Roter Sand Roter Sand
Rotes Elisabeth-Ufer [painting] Rotes Elisabeth-Ufer
Route Route
Route Bundles Route Bundles
Route Letters Route Letters
Routing Marks Routing Marks
Routing Office Routing Office
Royal Royal
Royal Army Adhesive Royal Army Adhesive
Royal Bavarian State Railways Royal Bavarian State Railways
Royal Navy of Great Britain Royal Navy of Great Britain
Royal Prussian System Royal Prussian System
Royalties Royalties
Rubens [artist] Rubens
Ruchschein Ruchschein
Rudolf, Egon AD. Egon AD. Rudolf
Rckantwort [use ""Ruckantwort""] Ruckantwort
Rckbriefstelle [use ""Ruckbriefstelle""] Ruckbriefstelle
Rckschein [Use ""Ruckschein""] Ruckschein
Rckschein/Avis de Reception [Use ""Ruckschein""] Ruckschein/Avis de Reception
Ruegen Ruegen
Rttger [use ""Ruttger""] Ruttger
Rttger Postmarking Machines [use ""Ruttger""] Ruttger Postmarking Machines
Rttger Postmarks [use ""Ruttger""] Ruttger
Rttger, Carl [use ""Ruttger""] Carl Ruttger
Ruge, Otto Otto Ruge
Ruhr Ruhr
Ruhr ""Sanction Area"" Ruhr ""Sanction Area""
Ruhr District Ruhr District
Ruhr Occupation Ruhr Occupation
Ruhr, Passive Resistance Ruhr Passive Resistance
RUHR.2010 RUHR.2010
Rulers, German Rulers German
Rulers, World-Wide Rulers World-Wide
Rumkowski Rumkowski
Rundbrief #13 Rundbrief #13
Running Running
Rupprecht, Philipp Philipp Rupprecht
Ruprecht Ruprecht
Ruprecht-Karl University Ruprecht-Karl University
Rural Rural
Rural Distribution Office Rural Distribution Office
Rural Mailbox Stamp Rural Mailbox Stamp
Rural Post Offices Rural Post Offices
Russia Russia
Russian Civil War Russian Civil War
Russian Revolution Russian Revolution
Russian Zone [search ""Soviet Zone""] Soviet Zone
Russo-Japanese War Russo-Japanese War