Topics beginning with the Letter M


Maasen, Wolfgang Wolfgang Maasen
Maastricht Treaty Maastricht treaty
Macedonia Macedonia
Machine Cancels [see ""Machine Postmarks""] Machine Cancels
Machine Cancels, Bochmann Machine Cancels Bochmann
Machine Cancels, Columbia [search ""Columbia Postmarking Machines""] Columbia Postmarking Machines
Machine Franking Machine Franking
Machine Postmarks Postmarks
Machinenstemple [search Postmarking Machines""] Postmarking Machines
Machines, Cancelling [search ""Postmarking Machines""] Postmarking Machines
Machines, Postmarking [search ""Postmarking Machines""] Postmarking Machines
Machines, Stamp Dispensing Machines Stamp Dispensing
Machwerke Machwerke
Maehrens Maehrens
Mafia Mafia
Magdeburg Magdeburg
Magdeburg Experiments Magdeburg Experiments
Magi Magi
Mail Mail
Mail Coach Lines Mail Coach Lines
Mail Coach Receipts Mail Coach Receipts
Mail Coaches Mail Coaches
Mail Delivery, Boat Mail Delivery Boat
Mail Delivery, Motorized Transport Mail Delivery Motorized transport
Mail for the Blind Mail for the Blind
Mail Forwarded Mail Forwarded
Mail Processing Problems Mail Processing Problems
Mail Receipt Cancellations Mail Receipt Cancellations
Mail Routing Code Mail Routing Code
Mail Sacks Mail Sacks
Mail Transportation Mail transportation
Mail, Airship [airship] Mail Airship
Mail, AR Mail AR
Mail, COD Mail COD
Mail, Commercial Mail Commercial
Mail, Crewmember Mail Crewmember
Mail, Express Mail Express
Mail, Express, Rural Mail Express Rural
Mail, Foreign Mail Foreign
Mail, Insured Mail Insured
Mail, Internal Mail Internal
Mail, International Mail International
Mail, IOU Mail IOU
Mail, Local Mail Local
Mail, Metered Mail Metered
Mail, National Mail National
Mail, Pneumatic Mail Pneumatic
Mail, Prisoner of War [search ""POW Mail""] POW Mail
Mail, Registered Mail Registered
Mail, Returned Mail Returned
Mail, Rohrpost Mail Rohrpost
Mailbox, Rural Mailbox Rural
Mailing Receipts, Parcels Mailing Receipts Parcels
Mailing to Non-Combatant Foreign Countries Mailing to Non-Combatant Foreign Countries
Mailings, Bulk Mailings Bulk
Mailings, International Mailings International
Mainz Mainz
Mainz [ship] Mainz
Maiziere Maiziere
Make-up Issue Stamps Make-up Issue Stamps
Malmedy Malmedy
Malve Malve
Manchester, Jason Jason Manchester
Manchester, Jason H. Jason Manchester
Manchuria Manchuria
Mann Mann
Manus Manus
Map Stamps Map Stamps
Maps Maps
Marc, Franz [artist] Franz Marc
Marianas Islands Marianas Islands
Marienkirche Marienkirche
Marienwerder Marienwerder
Marienwerder Cancellations Album Marienwerder Cancellations Album
Marigold Marigold
Marine Feldpost Marine Feldpost
Marine Post Bureau [search ""Marine Postbureau""] Marine Postbureau
Marine Postamt Marine Postamt
Marine Postbureau Marine Postbureau
Marine Postbureau Postmarks Marine Postbureau
Marine Schiffspost [search ""Marine-Schiffspost""] Marine-Schiffspost
Marine Schiffspoststempel Marine Schiffspoststempel
Marinebrief/Abs. Marinedetatchment [marking] Marinebrief/Abs. Marinedetatchment
Marinefeldpostkarte Marinefeldpostkarte
Marinerat Marinerat
Marine-Schiffspost Marine-Schiffspost
Marine-Schiffspost Markings Marine-Schiffspost Markings
Marine-Schiffspost Postmarking Machines Marine-Schiffspost Postmarking Machines
Marine-Schiffspost Postmarks Marine-Schiffspost Postmarks
Marine-Schiffspost System Marine-Schiffspost System
Mark Mark
Markings Markings
Markings [Key in ONLY the Descriptor] Markings
Markings, Absender [also see ""Zuruck an Absender""] Zuruck an Absender
Markings, Auxiliary Auxiliary
Markings, Blue Crayon Blue Crayon
Markings, Cash-Paid Cash-Paid
Markings, Censorship Censorship
Markings, Chefoo Chefoo
Markings, Color Code Color Code
Markings, Control Control
Markings, Crayon Crayon
Markings, eing. eing
Markings, eingenommen eingenommen
Markings, erl. erl.
Markings, erledigt erledigt
Markings, Express Express
Markings, Feldpost Feldpost
Markings, Marine Feldpost Marine Feldpost
Markings, Marinebrief/Abs. Marinedetatchment Marinebrief/Abs. Marinedetatchment
Markings, Missing Markings Missing
Markings, Nazi Markings Nazi
Markings, Protest Protest
Markings, Provisional Provisional
Markings, Received Received
Markings, Receiving CDS Receiving CDS
Markings, Red Crayon Red Crayon
Markings, Registration Registration
Markings, Replied Replied
Markings, Return Return
Markings, Sailor Sailor
Markings, Security Security
Markings, Transit transit
Markings, Transit CDS transit CDS
Markings, Transit, Hamburg-Franco transit Hamburg-Franco
Markings, Zurck [use ""Zuruck""} [also see ""Zuruck""] Zuruck
Markkleeberg Markkleeberg
Markkleeberg-Z”bigker [use ""Markkleeberg-Zobigker""] Markkleeberg-Zobigker
Marks Marks
Marks, Deutsche Deutsche Mark
Marks, Gold Marks Gold
Marktkirche zu Halle [painting] Marktkirche zu Halle
Maron Maron
Marquette Sectional Loose Leaf Album Marquette Sectional Loose Leaf Album
Marshall Inseln Atollpost Marshall Inseln Atollpost
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
Marshall Plan Marshall Plan
Marshall, Eugene Marshall Eugene
Martial Law Martial Law
Martin Garcia Island Martin Garcia Island
Martin Luther Martin Luther
Marx, Wilhelm Wilhelm Marx
Mary Mary
Masonic Club Masonic Club
Massacre of the Innocents, The [painting] Massacre of the Innocents The
Materials Materials
Matrosenstempel Matrosenstempel
Matupi Matupi
Mauthausen Mauthausen
Max & Moritz Max & Moritz
May Bells May Bells
Maybach Maybach
McKenzie, Vernon Vernon McKenzie
McQueen, Ian Ian McQueen
Mechanical Calculator Mechanical Calculator
Mecklenburg Mecklenburg
Mecklenburg Issues Mecklenburg Issues
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Medicine Medicine
Melanchthon House Melanchthon House
Meldorf Meldorf
Member Book Member Book
Memel Memel
Memelgebiet Memelgebiet
Memmingen Memmingen
Men in the Bathtub [cartoon] Men in the Bathtub
Mendelssohn Mendelssohn
Mennonite Central Committee Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonites Mennonites
Mennonitisches Hilfswerk Mennonitisches Hilfswerk
Mental Disabilities Mental Disabilities
Mentally Retarded Mentally Retarded
Mercedes Benz, 300 SL Mercedes Benz 300 SL
Merkur [publication] Merkur
Meschenmoser, Alfred Alfred Meschenmoser
Meteor [ship] Meteor
Meteor [ship] Meteor
Meteor II [ship] Meteor II
Meteor III [ship] Meteor III
Meteor IV [ship] Meteor IV
Meteor V [ship] Meteor V
Meter Franking Meter Franking
Meter Machines Meter Machines
Metered Advertising Metered Advertising
Metered Cancels Metered Cancels
Metered Franking [also see ""Postal Meters""] Postal Meters
Metered Mail Metered Mail
Metered Stamps Metered Stamps
Metz Metz
Meyer, Albert Albert Meyer
Michaelskirche Michaelskirche
Michel Michel
Michel Briefe Katalog Michel Briefe Katalog
Michel Catalog Michel Catalog
Michel Catalogs Michel Catalogs
Michel Catalogue Michel Catalog
Michel Deutschland Specialized Catalog Michel Deutschland Specialized Catalog
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog
Michel Deutschland-Spezial Michel Deutschland-Spezial
Michel Ganzsachen Michel Ganzsachen
Michel Specialized Catalog Michel Specialized Catalog
Michel Specialized Catalogue, English Edition Michel Specialized Catalog
Michel Specialized Catalogue, German Edition Michel Specialized Catalog
Midilli [ship] Midilli
Migrant Integration Migrant Integration
Milit„rische Postkontrolle [use ""Militarische""] Militarische Postkontrolle
Milit„rverwaltung [use ""Militarverwaltung""] Militarverwaltung
Military Administration Military Administration
Military Express Postal Service Military Express Postal Service
Military Free Franking Military Free Franking
Military Internees Military Internees
Military Mission in Batum Military Mission in Batum
Military Missions, German Military Missions German
Military Post Offices Military Post Offices
Military Postal Express Service Military Postal Express Service
Military Postal History Society Military Postal History Society
Military Postmarks Military Postmarks
Military Terms Military Terms
Military Transportation, Civilian Military transportation Civilian
Millard Millard
Millennium Millennium
Miller, Charles Charles Miller
Miller, Douglas Douglas Miller
Miller, Jerry Jerry Miller
Miller, Jerry H. Jerry Miller
Miller, Lewis Lewis Miller
Miller, Rick Rick Miller
Millione Millione
Mine Sweeping Mine Sweeping
Miners' Guild Miners Guild
Minister of Traffic and Postal Services Minister of traffic and Postal Services
Ministerkarte Ministerkarte
Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior
Minorities in Europe Minorities in Europe
Mischpapier Mischpapier
Mischsendung Mischsendung
Mission Militare Italiana Mission Militare Italiana
Missionaries of Charity Missionaries of Charity
Mit Deutscher Post Mit Deutscher Post
Mit Luftpost bef”rdert [use ""befordert""] Mit Luftpost befordert
Mit Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin Mit Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin
Mitgliedsbuch Mitgliedsbuch
Mitl„ufer [use ""Mitlaufer""] Mitlaufer
Mitrailleus Machine Gun Mitrailleus Machine Gun
Mixed Sending Mixed Sending
MobilCom MobilCom
Mobile Post Office Society Mobile Post Office Society
Modrow Modrow
Moerike, Eduard Eduard Moerike
Moeve [ship] [same as ""M”ve"", use ""Move"" as below] Moeve
Moltke [ship] Moltke
Moltke, Helmuth James Graf von Helmuth James Graf von Moltke
Moltke, Helmuth von Helmuth von Moltke
Monastery of St. Catherine Monastery of St. Catherine
Monat der Deutsch Sowjetischen Freundschaft Monat der Deutsch Sowjetischen Freundschaft
Money Orders Money Orders
Money Orders, Fees Money Orders Fees
Moneymuseum Moneymuseum
Monopoly Monopoly
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn Monroe
Montevideo Montevideo
Month of German-Soviet Friendship Month of German-Soviet Friendship
Monuments Monuments
Moravia Moravia
Morely-Bright ""Roll-A-Tector"" Morely-Bright ""Roll-A-Tector""
Moresnet Moresnet
Morobe Morobe
Morocco Morocco
Morrison, James James Morrison
Mother of God in the Summerhouse Mother of God in the Summerhouse
Mother Teresa Mother Teresa
Motor Boats Motor Boats
Motor Sports Motor Sports
Motorcycles Motorcycles
Mountain Gorilla Mountain Gorilla
Mountains Mountains
Mounts [philtelic material] Mounts
Mourning Booklets Mourning Booklets
Mourning Commemorative Sheets Mourning Commemorative Sheets
Mourning Covers Mourning Covers
Mourning Labels Mourning Labels
Mourning Letters Mourning Letters
Mourning Letters, Folding Mourning Letters Folding
Mourning Postcards Mourning Postcards
Mourning Posters Mourning Posters
M”ve [ship] [use ""Move""] Move
Movie Directors Movie Directors
Movie Props, Movie Movie Props
Movies Movies
Mowe [ship] Mowe
M”we [ship] [use ""Mowe""] Mowe
Moyland Castle Moyland Castle
Mozambique Mozambique
Mozart Mozart
MSP [search ""Marine-Schiffspost""] Marine-Schiffspost
Mt. Kilimanjaro Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mucke Mucke
Mueller Catalog Mueller Catalog
Mller, Elmar [use ""Muller""] Elmar Muller
Mller, Hermann [use ""Muller""] Hermann Muller
Mugeln Mugeln
Mulready Mulready
Mulready Sheets Mulready Sheets
Multicar Multicar
Munich Munich
Munich Food Market Munich Food Market
Munich Philatelic Library Munich Philatelic Library
Munich Stadium Munich Stadium
Munzberg, Werner Werner Munzberg
Museum Island Berlin Museum Island Berlin
Museums Museums
Music Music
Music Sheet Cancels Music Sheet Cancels
Musicians Musicians
Mussolini Mussolini
Muster Muster
Muster ohne Wert Muster ohne Wert
Mutters Mutters
Mylar [philatelic materials/care] Mylar
Mysen Mysen
Mysen-Norwegen Mysen-Norwegen