Come now
Let us reason together

September 2015

Come now….             


Let us reason together

Rudi and I would like to thank each of you for your support of the coming year. There can always be doubt and uneasiness when major changes, such as a dues increase, have to be made.  Happily, membership renewals and donations are well ahead of what has occurred in previous years at this time in the renewal cycle.  As usual, there will be a few who “forget” and have to be contacted individually by the Society’s Officers which is an unfortunate occurrence. It takes your Society’s Officer’s time to contact those members but it is well worth the effort to keep those member’s personal collecting interests and information rewarded through your Society membership.  Again a warm thank you to one and all.

Our thanks to Director Ken Gilbert for his pictures taken at COLOPEX that appear in the August APS Journal on page 718.  Your Society is mentioned, along with the GPS members appearing there.

With this issue, the Society’s first regularly scheduled expanded issue, we have our first mail auction.  The auction items appear here as a description of each lot and actual images of the item can be found on your Society’s web site under the “Auction” menu on the left side of the entry page. Hopefully there is enough information on the bidding and actual auction to let everyone make intelligent decisions and bids.

Our first auction is basically an experiment. I have received a few emails basically wondering why the Society would want to do this when probably better monetary recovery would be made by submitting items to German auction houses.  Probably a true criticism, but that is not our effort’s major goal.  Our mail auctions are intended to be a simple, easy way to let every member recover some money for unwanted items and to add new items to their collections. The price range of acceptable items is limited ($2 to $100). This is not the type of material that large auction houses would accept for sale. We are not competing with them but rather opening a new path to movement of lower priced items. Does this mean that we are competing, to some extent, with US stamp dealers? Certainly, however, how many of those have you seen advertising in the Specialist or supporting your Society. Should members choose to accept the 5-10% of catalog value most dealers will offer for a collector’s best material, that choice is up to the collector.

Let me caution everyone that if you have not renewed your membership by September first, forget about bidding. Dues renewals that occur after that date are valid but “delinquent”. We can’t update auction authorizations on a daily basis. So if you have renewed, but after September first, you will have to wait to participate in the January auction.

As Rudi and I enter the second half of our terms in office, we hope that most are pleased with our leadership to this point. There are still many activities planned that will happen in the next two years. As we all work together please keep in mind: We are all, individually, salesmen for our Society.  Promote, recruit and represent your Society’s value.