Come now
Let us reason together

August 2015

Each member should visit your Society’s web site on a regular basis.  We have made a concentrated effort to assure that the information there is not only current but useful to everyone. An example: The cover and that issue’s index, along with this “President’s message”, are on the site long before the Specialist appears in your mail box. While the US postal service is beyond our control, we can get the Society’s information to you, through the internet, in a timely manner. Access to the web site can be made by using the “www.GermanyPhilatelicSocietyUSA.org”, various versions of that such as “www.GermanyPhilatelicSociety.com” or more simply “www.gps.nu”, these will all take you to your Society’s web site.

One major step forward in your Society is available. We now accept PayPal for financial transactions. It hasn’t been an easy transition to establish but, through our Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Peter’s efforts, it is now a viable method to pay dues or purchase items from the sales center.  A minor consideration is that there are costs involved and, as a nonprofit Society, these will be assumed by the members using this new feature.

Our eleventh joint GPS/BDPh Salon will be held in Heidelberg next year.  Originally planned to be held at Singelfingen in late October, we will now enjoy the quaint town of Heidelberg in June. A further announcement by Harold Peter, Director for International Relations and liaison for the Salon between BDPh and GPS is elsewhere in this issue. Next year is a busy one for philately and our Society. The New Your show, the Salon and our own convention in the Twin Cities. The Salon, scheduled for June 13-21 fits nicely into the schedule of 2016’s events. Give though to visiting Europe and enjoying the wonderful BDPh hospitality next year.

We are all, individually, salesmen for our Society.  Promote, recruit and represent your Society’s value.