Come now
Let us reason together

July 2015

Last month’s Specialist presented, to you, proposed modifications to our Bylaws that had been adapted in 2012. Those new Bylaws were major changes but represented needed changes.  Your Board feels that it is best to make a few minor, and I’ll repeat that, “minor” modifications.

First, the Board feels that a clearer definition is needed both of the separation of the duties of the “upper management” (originally named the “Executive Committee”) and of the actual responsibilities of the Board of Directors. The proposed changes only clearly define the Board members authority and clarify the day-in, day-out responsibilities of the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

Secondly, we need to modify the effect of the newly imposed term limits.  Term limits are welcome when they encourage and promote an interest in becoming a useful addition to your Society’s management.  However, we need a fail-safe, drop back position, if that does not occur. In our latest election (2013), although term limits were not yet in effect, we only had 5 candidates for the 6 Board Member positions.  Write-in votes had to determine the sixth member. Under those conditions do we really want to eliminate current office holders?

The current three term Board member limit also presents a problem to any president.  Consider a member who has been a Board member for 2 terms, and is then elected as our President. Later, in a following election, a new president is elected and the 2 term Board member, now the ex-President assumes his Bylaw defined position as a Board member, all is fine and well. That is, until the current President is elected to a second term.  Although the ex-President, is entitled, in the Bylaws, to remain as a Board member for what would be a fourth term that exceeds the Bylaws defined three term limit for any Board member!

Few become our Society’s top officer without having a devotion to our Society. Bud Hennig, in his 90s, when asked why he wanted to remain an elected Board member, replied simply “I want to know what is going on”. Eliminating term limits, as Board members, for previous Presidents will both acknowledge and encourage their efforts for the Society.

Thirdly, the use of advertising by potential office holders need to be defined. The proposed addition to our Bylaws assures equal exposure of all candidate’s advertising in the Specialist, with guaranteed payment.  An example is that your Society has never received payment for advertising from the losing Presidential team in the 2013 elections. Adaption of this amendment will insure that this will never be repeated.

Finally, we need to return to our old methods of balloting for candidates.  It was effective for many years. No one wishes a repeat of the last election with confusion, the extra different colored ballots, and controversy, even to the point of requiring an identifying signature for your “secret” ballot to validate it. 

Unless there is a contested election for the Secretarial position there is no need for a separate committee to complicate a Society election. Let’s return to that original, simple election solution.

Give each proposed Bylaw revision careful thought and consideration as you cast your ballot. Please support your elected Board members evaluation of our current Bylaw needed changes

We are all, individually, salesmen for our Society.  Promote, recruit and represent your Society’s value.